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Văn Gia Văn04/08/2022

ĐỀ BÀI: Traffic accidents: Causes and solutions

Bài làm

The development of society comes with a lot of challenges that we have to deal with. Traffic accidents have been a pressing issue in our country as well as worldwide. This composition will put an answer to the question of why road traffic accidents occur along with some potential solutions. 

To begin with, it can be denied that traffic accidents are awful issues caused entirely by humans. Traffic collations happen due to a variety of factors such as dangerous roadways, but primarily by our lack of knowledge. One serious violation that people often make is using alcohol drinking before driving. Not only does this infringement cause danger for ourselves but also for the people around us. Besides, driving distraction will also be mentioned as a common cause of traffic accidents and driving over the speed limit and breaking traffic rules are not exceptions. Thus, it may be inferred that even our seemingly minor errors might cause serious effects that could even cost us our lives. 

Prevention of traffic accidents is no longer the responsibility of only the government but all of us. It's time to take action to make driving accidents a thing of the past. Education is the most crucial factor that determines whether a reform effort is successful or not. Children who are the master of the future world have to be taught about road traffic safety at school. As for the grown-ups, there should be a heavy fine for those who break the traffic laws intentionally. There is only one way to change the current situation which is to improve awareness. As a result, we must make every effort to propagate traffic safety knowledge. I firmly believe that, if each of us joins our hands to reduce traffic accidents, then soon we will have a world with zero traffic accidents. 

All in all, traffic accidents are horrible catastrophes that cost both health and wealth. We must try to raise the awareness of the people around us as well as improve ourselves. We have to completely eradicate traffic accidents in order to transform our world into heaven

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