Giải đề Cambridge IELTS 15, Test 1, Speaking Part 1: Email

Gợi ý bài mẫu kèm phân tích từ vựng cho đề Cambridge IELTS 15, Test 1, Speaking Part 1: Email.
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giai de cambridge ielts 15 test 1 speaking part 1 email

1. What kinds of emails do you receive about your work or studies?

Actually, I receive quite a lot of emails as part of my daily workflow. I have been working as an English teacher for 5 years, so most of the emails I get every day are from my students. They usually submit their homework, let me know that they won't be in class for some reason or ask for my help with their English problems.   

2. Do you prefer to email, phone or text your friends? [Why?]

Well, my friends and I text each other about trivial things or share funny memes almost every day. Emails are too formal and we don’t usually use a phone either as it may be frustrating if one of us is in the middle of a conference.

3. Do you reply to emails and messages as soon as you receive them? [Why/Why not?]

Hmm, it depends on the situation. I always try to reply to emails and messages instantly once I’ve received them. But, for some important emails, I would spend time reading the content thoroughly and carefully drafting my reply before sending them.

4. Are you happy to receive emails that are advertising things? [Why/Why not?]

To be honest, no. I have to admit that it is really irritating to come across tons of spam emails and newsletters from online shops that I don’t even know. Sadly, I cannot completely filter out all of those annoying emails from my inbox.

Từ vựng cần lưu ý:

  • as part of my daily workflow: như một phần công việc hằng ngày

  • submit homework: nộp bài tập về nhà

  • trivial things (n): những thứ nhỏ nhặt.

  • avoid regrettable mistakes: tránh những lỗi sai đáng tiếc

  • irritating (adj): gây khó chịu, phiền toái

  • spam email (n): thư rác

  • filter out (phrasal verb): lọc ra, loại ra

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