Giải đề Cambridge IELTS 15, Test 1, Speaking Part 2 & 3: Describe a hotel that you know

Gợi ý bài mẫu kèm phân tích từ vựng cho đề Cambridge IELTS 15, Test 1, Speaking Part 2 & 3: Describe a hotel that you know.
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giai de cambridge ielts 15 test 1 speaking part 2 3 describe a hotel that you know

Bài mẫu chủ đề “Describe a hotel that you know”

I would like to tell you about Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel, one of the best hotels I have stayed in recently. It is located right in the heart of Dalat, within a 15-minute drive of Tuyen Lam Lake and Datanla Falls. This hotel is also a famous tourist attraction with a unique architectural style.

I stayed at this hotel about a few weeks ago when my friends and I were visiting Da Lat city, an ideal retreat destination for travelers looking to escape from the busy cityscape. We chose this hotel because it provided us with complimentary transportation to visit other spots nearby.

Set in a private park with rows of pine trees and well-groomed flower beds, the surrounding poetic area of the hotel was perfect for those who wanted to immerse themselves in the tranquil atmosphere of forests. Known as the most popular accommodation among foreign visitors, the hotel featured a wide range of amenities including a restaurant, a spa, free Wi-Fi and many high-class sports facilities. Every room in this hotel was elegantly decorated in classic French design, with a lot of beautiful paintings on the wall. The room we were staying in even overlooked a picturesque lake.

I really love the experience we had at Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel. Its beauty and excellent service helped me ease my mind and enjoy our trip even more.

Từ vựng cần lưu ý

  • be located right in the of heart of: tọa lạc ngay trung tâm của …

  • within a 15-minute drive of …: cách đâu đó 15 phút lái xe

  • unique architectural style: phong cách kiến trúc độc đáo

  • an ideal retreat destination: địa điểm nghỉ dưỡng lí tưởng

  • escape busy cityscape: lánh khỏi cảnh đông đúc, xô bồ ở thành phố

  • complimentary transportation (n): dịch vụ giao thông/ chuyên chở miễn phí

  • well-groomed flower beds: những bồn hoa được cắt tỉa gọn gàng, xinh đẹp

  • poetic (adj): đẹp nên thơ

  • immerse themselves in: hoà mình vào

  • amenities (n): tiện nghi, cơ sở vật chất phục vụ nhu cầu

  • high-class sports facilities (n): cơ sở vật chất thể thao cao cấp

  • be elegantly decorated: được trang trí một cách tinh tế

  • overlook (v): nhìn ra

  • picturesque (adj): đẹp như tranh vẽ, đẹp yên bình

  • ease one’s mind: thư giãn, xả stress

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IELTS Speaking Part 3 Sample

Topic 1: Staying in hotels

Question 1

I think the location should be the first priority when it comes to choosing a hotel to ensure a comfortable stay. I would suggest looking for hotels that are centrally located so that you can move around freely and conveniently. Besides, it is a great idea to check the price and read different reviews from experienced travellers.

Question 2

Well, there are quite many reasons for this. In my view, the most common reason is the noisy atmosphere. Noises from guests in the next room or footsteps in the hallway can drive people crazy, especially introverts. Besides, some young people prefer cheap and friendly homestays rather than expensive hotel rooms.

Question 3

Well, I suppose it depends on the travellers’ budget and also which part of the world they are travelling to. In some Asian countries, you do not have to pay a fortune to stay in a 5-star hotel. Personally, I rarely choose to stay in a luxury hotel as most average ones can provide all the amenities I need.

Từ vựng

  • the first priority (n): sự ưu tiên

  • ensure a comfortable stay: đảm bảo một trải nghiệm thoải mái khi ở khách sạn

  • conveniently (adv): một cách thuận tiện

  • experienced travellers (n): những người có kinh nghiệm đi du lịch

  • drive people crazy: làm người ta phát bực, phát điên lên

  • introvert (n): người hướng nội

  • pay a fortune: trả một khoảng tiền lớn

  • average hotel (n): khách sạn tầm trung

Topic 2: Working in a hotel

Question 1

Almost certainly. I think youngsters can have many potential paths to choose from when working in the hospitality industry. They can encounter people from all walks of life and learn a lot of things under one roof

Question 2

Obviously, when working in a big hotel, people may have to face more pressure and responsibility, but of course, the compensation and benefit package will be more generous. However, for those who thrive on variety, working in a small hotel can be a good chance to perform many different roles.

Question 3

I suppose a successful hotel manager should be a resourceful person who can solve problems quickly and efficiently because they may receive a lot of different requests as well as complaints from guests. In addition, a good manager should be considerate enough to understand the guests’ needs and willingly do their best to support them. 

Từ vựng

  • potential paths: những hướng đi tiềm năng

  • hospitality industry: các ngành dịch vụ khách sạn – nhà hàng

  • people from all walks of life: nhiều loại người khác nhau

  • under one roof: ở cùng một nơi

  • compensation (n): thù lao, tiền bồi thường

  • benefit package: gói phúc lợi

  • thrive on variety: yêu thích sự đa dạng

  • resourceful (adj): tháo vát

  • considerate (adj): ân cần. chu đáo

  • support (v): hỗ trợ

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